Expert RECRUITERS delivering talent to the Legal Industry!

The most important thing in communication is hearing what is not said!

Our Mission

To exceed our customers' expectations with innovative, bespoke and ethical recruitment solutions that will result in long-standing relationships.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the 'go-to' agency and a trusted resource with a service that will complement your recruitment experience.

Our Values

Transparency is key in our commitment to others. Our candour approach enables us to deliver with precision and passion to all our customers.


Hartbrooke Associates has been created with a wealth of experience combining more than 35 years within the recruitment industry. We offer a unique and highly personable service to all our candidates who work with us, and our ethos is to deliver a memorable experience. We dedicate our time to ensuring each candidate feels valued throughout the job search journey with support, advice and knowledgeable insight, and offer CV review, career guidance, and coaching in preparation for interview. We are recognised for going the 'extra mile' to achieve optimum results.


A knowledgeable and experienced consultant will take the time to understand the client criteria and expectations. Every vacancy is managed with careful attention to detail by attracting and identifying candidates through extensive search and selection processes. At Hartbrooke Associates, we strive to match accurately and shortlist the best CV submissions for our clients, tailoring to individual needs. We offer a value-added and cost-effective solution to hiring with a designated specialist service. Our team works cohesively to ensure that you receive a professional service and in true partnership with your firm.

The Team

The Founding Directors are recognised for their market specialisation, in-depth industry knowledge and consultative approach. Cumulatively, we have strong and long-standing relationships gained over many years, which is evident in our reputation within the marketplace, but continue to build new ones all the time. The team cover a broad spectrum of legal sector hires, be it senior Executive Assistant level through to junior level roles, and across a wide portfolio of other business services. The winning formula that ensures a perfect fit is simply due to our bespoke and tailored service.